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ECE 5610 - Error Control Codes

Instructor: Stephen Wicker

Description: Introduction to the theory and practice of error control codes. Topics include algebraic codes, convolutional codes, and codes on graphs. Considers the construction and decoding of Reed-Solomon (RS) codes in some detail as well as the iterative (turbo) decoding of concatenated codes. The use of error control in wireless systems is discussed throughout the course, with an emphasis on the codes used in 3G and 4G cellular.

Prerequisites: ECE 3200 or ECE 5210 or equivalent; strong familiarity with linear algebra.

Credits: 4

Lectures: MW 1:25-2:40pm, PHL 403

Office Hours: Prof. Wicker – M 11:30am-12:30pm or by appointment, RH386

Textbook: Stephen Wicker, Error Control Systems for Digital Communication and Storage. Available on course website as individual chapters are revised



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