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School of Electrical and Computer Engineering
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Cornell University

Daniel Lee
     Reliable and Energy-Efficient Wireless Sensor Networks for Mobile Healthcare Systems,” graduated Summer 2011

Nathan Karst
     Combinatorial Designs For Key Distribution And Secure Re-Keying In Group Communication Systems,” graduated Summer 2011
     Assistant Professor of Applied Mathematics, Babson College

Sergio Bermudez
     Analysis of Topological Properties of Random Wireless Sensor Networks,” graduated Summer 2010
     IBM T. J. Watson Research Center

Mikhail Lisovich
     Mobility And Privacy: Exploring Technical And Social Issues In Emerging Pervasive Sensor Networks,” graduated Spring 2010
     Technical Advisor, Ropes & Gray LLP

Michael Eoin Buckley
     “Side Information Inference For Turbo Code Based Systems,” graduated Fall 2009
     MTS, RIM Research

Coalton Bennett
     Secure Data Reporting for Demand Response Systems,” graduated Fall 2009
     MIT Lincoln Laboratories

Ania Kacewicz
     Coding Theory for Security and Reliability in Wireless Networks,” graduated Fall 2009
     Johns Hopkins University Applied Physics Laboratory

Phillip Kuryloski
     Design Strategies For Human Centered Sensor Networks,” graduated Spring 2009
     UC Berkeley

Sameer Pai
     “Co-Design Of Sensor Networking Technology And Privacy Policy,” graduated Spring 2008
     Technical Advisor, Ropes & Gray LLP

Hui Qu
     “Co-Designed Localization And Geographic Routing Algorithm For Sensor Networks,” graduated Spring 2008

Christina Tavoularis
     Event Detection and Queueing in Wireless Sensor Networks,” Graduated Fall 2006
     Patent Agent, Volpe & Koenig PC

Hazer Inaltekin
     “Game Theoretic Mac Protocol Design And Interference Analysis For Wireless Networks,” Graduated Spring 2006
     Antalya University

Xin Zhang
     “Distributed Source Coding in Sensor Networks,” graduated Spring 2006

Martin Roth
     “TERMITE: A Swarm Intelligent Routing Algorithm for Mobile Wireless Ad Hoc Networks,” graduated Winter 2005
     Reality Jocky

Prince Samar
     “Optimizing Protocols for Mobility in Ad Hoc Networks,” graduated Summer 2004
     Senior Product Manager, Airvana Inc.

Yasser Mourtada
     “Content-Aware Routing Schemes,” graduated Summer 2004
     Associate, Sterne Kessler Goldstein Fox

Allen MacKenzie
     Game Theoretic Analysis of Medium Access Control Protocols,” graduated Spring 2003
     Virginia Tech

Ewald Hueffmeier, Jr.
     Applied Mathematics - Turbo Decoding Architectures and Algorithms for Wireless Data Systems,” graduated Summer 2002

Xie Xi
     AI and Expert Systems for Random Access Protocols,” graduated Summer 2002

Bhaskar Krishnamarchari
     Complexity and Phase Transitions in Wireless Networks,” graduated Spring 2002
     Associate Professor, University of Southern California

Sarah Spence
     “Subfield Subcodes of Reed-Solomon Codes,” graduated Spring 2002
     Associate Professor of Mathematics, Olin College

Eric Sakk
     “Wavelets Based on Reed-Muller Coding,” graduated Spring 2002

Frederic Fontaine
     Iterative Trellis Decoding for Block Codes, graduated Summer 1999

Saejoon Kim
     “Belief Propagation, Parameter Estimation, and Issues in Turbo Decoding,” graduated Summer 1998
     Associate Professor of Computer Science, Sogang University

Georgia Tech

Andreas Yankopolus
     Adaptive Error Control for Wireless Multimedia,” graduated Winter 2004
     Senior Systems Engineer, Scientific Research Corporation

James Kosmach
     “Soft Decision Decoding for Wireless Mobile Systems,” graduated Fall 1998
     Senior Director of Engineering, PacketVideo

Amjad Luna
     “DSP Implementation of Advanced Decoder Architectures,” graduated Winter 1998
     Lahore University of Management Sciences

Jong-Il Park
     “Turbo Equalization Algorithms,” graduated Winter 1998
     Republic of Korea Navy

Thomas Tapp
     “Advanced Error Control Systems for Mobile Messaging Systems,” graduated Summer 1996

Mahdi Zaidan
     “Tree Structure Trellis Codes,” graduated Spring 1996

Xiao-An Wang
     “Trellis-Based Decoders and Neural Network Implementations,” graduated Winter 1996
     Principal and Co-founder, Blue Mountain Wireless

Ahmed El-Rifai
     “Application of Linear Block Codes to the McEliece Cryptosystem,” graduated Fall 1995
     Cairo Technical University

Miin-Jong Hao
     “Performance Evaluation of Practical FSK, CPFSK, and ASK Detection Schemes for Coherent Optical Fiber Communication Systems,” graduated Summer 1995
     National Kaohsiung University of Science and Technology

Slim Souissi
     “Adaptive Packet Combining in CDMA Systems,” graduated Summer 1994
     Chief Technology Officer, Novatel Wireless

Deidre Williams
     “Key Management in the McEliece Cryptosystem,” graduated Summer 1994
     Associate Professor, Florida A&M University

Lars Rasmussen
     “Trellis Coded Adaptive Rate Hybrid-ARQ Protocols over AWGN and Slowly Fading Rician Channels,” graduated Summer 1993
     Professor, KTH Royal Institute of Technology

Mohssen Alabbadi
     “Integration of Error Correction, Encryption, and Signature Using Linear Error-Correcting Block Codes,” graduated Summer 1993
     King Abdulaziz City for Science and Technology

Michael Bartz
     “Soft Decision Decoders Based on Artificial Neural Networks,” graduated Summer 1992

Michael Rice
     “Adaptive Error Control Over Slowly Varying Channels," graduated Spring 1991
     Chair Professor, Brigham Young University

Bruce Harvey
     “Adaptive Rate Convolutional Coding Using the Viterbi Decoder,” graduated Spring 1991
     Associate Professor, FAMU-FSU College of Engineering


Dipayan Ghosh
     Privacy-aware design

Shion Guha
     Location-based privacy

Stephanie Santoso
     3D printing technology policy

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